BrownWinick Launches a new Microgrid Focus

cropped-013579341.jpgIf you have not heard of microgrids yet then perhaps you are familiar with the slightly older concept of distributed generation. Microgrids and distributed generation share many of the same attributes. Distributed generation focuses on the placement of electric generation at different nodes throughout the traditional electrical grid. Microgrids are also distributed around the larger electric grid, but they can also be disconnected from that grid if necessary. Microgrids are also generally serving local users instead of providing power for regulated utilities to move around the grid.

The energy attorneys at BrownWinick believe that microgrids are going to completely reshape the energy market for both electric generators and consumers of energy.  We want to help communities and companies prepare for the massive changes that are on the way.

The U.S. Department of Defense has already embraced microgrid technology as a means of providing independent electrical power for military bases in the event of an emergency. Similarly, microgrids are attractive to states because they can be disconnected from the larger grid during extended power outages, allowing a community or important services such as law enforcement, hospitals, and emergency fire and rescue services to function independently and securely. Fourteen states have already either enacted or proposed legislation in support of microgrid development. While Iowa is taking a slower approach to distributed energy in general and has not yet studied microgrids, it is only a matter of time before new and emerging technologies will drive change.

Watch this space for additional information on microgrids. We promise that it will be interesting.


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